Alicante, 1968. Influenced by the light of the Mediterranean, Chimo Pérez’s vocation as a painter emerged during childhood, although he was led toward a humanist education, including law studies at the University of Alicante. Without going on to practice law, he decided to spend several contem- plative years in search of the fullness of life. Five years of living among sturdy stone walls, lush nature and gothic masterpieces allowed him to discover his natural talent for expressing beauty on canvas, without the need for formal art studies.

For Chimo Pérez, “beauty, like truth, is a precious fruit that resists the erosion of time that unites generations and helps them to communicate in admiration.”

Chimo Pérez aspires to create works that are expressive for themselves, able to move, to excite and to provoke personal reflection. Specialized in portraits and landscapes, he enhances the aesthetic beauty of the model as he is able to express their emotions. Gestures and facial lines, the traces of a living biography, are reflected with purity in his portraits. “A good portrait is a painted biography,“ Chimo says.

The prestigious art critic Wilfredo Rincón, director of the national artistic patrimony of Spain in the CSIC, describes Chimo Pérez as an artist with clear increasing value over the next few years. His works have “great coherence, perfect balance of shape and matter, mastery of drawing and sense of color.”

Chimo surprises with an insatiable thirst for carving out beauty through brushstrokes in individual portraits and in landscapes to provoke a sublime experience for the owner that is sustained over time.